Paxos island! A small island created by Poseidon to live his love. Ideal for quiet and quality holidays. A cultural village of Europe in 2004 with lacy beaches, underwater caves and lush hills! According to tradition, Paxos was once united with Corfu, but for Poseidon to be able to live his love with Amphitritis undisturbed, he grabbed the piece with his trident and snatched it.

Paxos is an island in the Ionian Sea and is located only 7 miles south of Corfu and 8 miles off the Epirus coast, the capital is Gaios where the you can soo find the island’s main port.

The narrow canal between Paxos and the islet of Saint Nikolas is one of the most beautiful pictures in Greece. Antipaxos is also located 3 nautical miles from the port of Gaos.

During your stay in Paxos you can also visit the Venetian castle, the English Government, the Paxos Museum and the town’s churches that talk about its past.
You can explore the picturesque villages of Longo, Laka and Ozia.
The endless olive groves inside the island will give you a special impression and in the village of Magazia you can visit a traditional olive mill that has been transformed into an olive museum.

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