The dreamy Sivota islands is only 12 miles from Igoumenitsa and is situated on the south coast of the municipality of Thesprotia.

St.Nikolas and the black mountain are two small islands situated around the coastal sea port of Sivota. Plataria is the centre for two municipality of Sivota and has about 3,010 residents. The battle of Korinthos and Thesproton against Corfiots was well known in Sivota in ancient times where they took part in the Peloponnesian war in 433 B.C. The name village was named Mourtos by the ruler and whose income came from the working port of Mourtos.

In 1959 Mourtos was re instated with its old name Sivota.
The area of Sivota is a first class tourist destination and receives thousands of visitors every year. It is very green and edged with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters impressing even the most demanding tourists.
Small boats and yachts are welcomed to stay in the marinas in Sivota and Plataria. Sivota houses large hotel complexes, taverns, restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee shops. During your stay it would be worth visiting the beautiful green island of St. Nikoloas and the Black Mountain.
Situated northeast of Sivota you will find the ancient village of Vraxona where there are the ruins of 50 houses dating back from the 18 to 19 century to the west you will find the ruins of the ancient Acropolis temple.
The church of St. Friday ( St. Paraskevi) is situated 3 kilometers from Plataria, where in the period of Endokratia the old monastery would have been found there, today the new temple of St. Friday can be found there built in the 1960’s. You can also visit the castle of Polinerio set in the village of Poinerio.
The beautiful natural landscape is an unforgettable sight.
In Sivota you will find amazing sandy beaches and blue-green sea, enjoy swimming in these tranquil waters Some of these destinations are TEI , THEI, ZERI, BELLA VRAKA , on the island of Mourtemeno ZAVIA, MEGA AMMOS,